Meet Tobias

Tobias is the hero of our adventure. Well, if you consider a tempestuous, arrogant, do-nothing Daddy’s son to be a hero.

A wealthy young aristocrat, Tobias hails from the Stellar Archbishopric and usually gets his way by lording his status and his family name over others… But all this attitude conceals some deep insecurities: third in line to his house, he has always been the least favourite of his father’s three sons and he has always been eclipsed by his brothers’ charm and wit. To top it off, he is an Ingrunt, an illegitimately born son who somehow made his way back to Albia much to his father’s chagrin.


Welcome to The Grand Mission!

Meet Rahmer, one of the creatures of The Grand Mission!

A single player adventure game, The Grand Mission is an explosive mix of Battlestar Galactica and Around the World in 80 Days – with a dash of Blackadder thrown in…

Imagine a galaxy far away with no British Empire, Brexit or Trump… In a complete departure from current realities, inept and arrogant protagonist Tobias Jamer-Thinklewhit, hailing from elitist and isolationist Albia, must broker a deal with the planets it pillaged in prior centuries, and contend with the joint government of a coalition of autonomous free planets. And face hyper aggressive mammalian warmongers, too.

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