About the team

BILLY BLAKE, Game Designer 

Billy is the creative brains behind The Grand Mission and is currently hard at work preparing the game so that a demo will be all good for EGX. He is a huge fan of Jules Verne and Battlestar Galactica, hence the universe of the game. He is an earl grey aficionado.

EMMA CLARKE, Production Manager

Emma is in charge of budgeting, scheduling, and making sure everything runs smoothly… She’s in a fact a natural born production manager – from organising “film and photographic shoots” as a child, through University and now the NFTS… She sees The Grand Mission as an opportunity to broaden her knowledge of the games industry and it’s a project she genuinely believes in! Her favourite tea is earl grey with a dash of milk, and her fave science fiction series are Alien and Stranger Things.

CARINE HEJAZI, Marketing Manager

A former banker, Carine is now studying distribution and marketing at the NFTS. As such, she’s in charge of preparing all the bits and pieces around the game to make sure people hear about it. She adores King Kong, and would like to claim credit for getting at least 5 people addicted to Stranger Things after waxing poetic about it endlessly. Her favourite type of tea is chamomile because it calms her down.