Dev Blog update 2: The Universe

Hello again! Billy here for our second dev update.

This week I’ll be diving into the universe of The Grand Mission, specifically the Welbian System: the star system that our characters come from, and the only system they have ever known. The invention of light-speed travel has made intrastellar travel easy enough, but nobody has ever returned from the many foolhardy trips into deep-space.

Our aristocratic protagonist Tobias grew up in Albia, the now faltering center of a once great empire spanning the entire system. It is a gleaming jewel set amidst the void, a planet entirely covered by vast glowing meadows, rolling green hills and tediously picturesque landscapes. The Albians are fiercely protective of their naturally green and pleasant lands. What they won’t tell you is that the greenness and pleasantness is more to do with the vast terraforming efforts facilitated by the ruthless exploitation of the outer worlds’ resources, than it is due to any native bounty.

After a period of rapid decolonisation, Albia lies an insignificant shell of its former self: the outer planets of Deccai and Fusthura have overtaken it in terms of output, and are too busy managing their own dangerously rapid economic development to pay Albia any notice.

Deccai is home to the Rahmer Malliocracy, a civilisation of monocular woolly mammals in which social standing within a rather stratified heirarchy is determined by the volume of one’s fleece. The leader of the Rahmer, the Majarahmer, currently occupies the imperial palace. As in, he fills the entire structure with his wool. Every year, new wings and annexes have to be constructed to contain his ever-growing fleece, and he is tended to by an army of robots whose job it is to maintain the beautiful coat of their leader. It is these robots that relay information from the Majarahmer to the rest of their empire. Nobody has actually seen him up close in decades. The Rahmer are expanding rapidly, and require vast amounts of food to satiate their appetite. They are dangerously close to expending the natural usefulness of Deccai. Their main export is tea.

The story of the Isthuri is a tragic one, according to everyone but the Isthuri. They are a race of phosphorescent crystalline rock-people. Their metabolism is interesting in that they can process basic materials into more complex composites through their normal digestive processes. They were thus ruthlessly exploited by the Albians, and their homeworld was turned into a planet-farm, churning out rare materials for the Albians to use in the terraformation of their own planet. After gaining their freedom from Albia, in an event the isthuri refer to as “The Great Liberation”, the unthinkable happened. After generations of selective breeding, the Isthuri enjoyed their docile lifestyle, and when faced with a reality devoid of purpose, they decided that it would be better to no longer exist. The Isthuri civilisation decided to collectively commit mass civilisational suicide. Anyone that disagreed moved to the Fusthura colony, a resettled colony of Isthuri set up by the Albians.  They left their homeworld behind as a vast tomb-world, but is has since become a verdant tropical paradise, full of life sprung out of the civilisational vacuum.

This is the start system our characters are familiar with, but they are in control of the first starship capable of interstellar travel fast enough to be practical. There are many other worlds out there in “The Spinward Shelf”, full of other peoples, civilisations and wonders (probably).

That is it for this week! oh and here is some concept for Tobias & Crew’s space ship.


– Billy

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